Why else would he say it? need guys to help me out in this situation

So this guy and I have been on 5 dates, he doesn't live in my town but so far each time he comes for buisness we meet. Everytime we meet we have a amazing time, so much in common and amazing chemistry and the sex is great. Last time was Valentine's day and he told me while cuddling that he liked me, no guy has ever said that to me, so I was a but sceptical, but usually when a guy say something they mean it ? why else would he say it?

Since last weekend I was a bit paranoid cause he didn't really contact me , I knew he had a exam coming up and he was super stressed, so I contacted him and he was as usual very warm and nice to me but the conversation was short cause he had to go back to studying. He twice during last week liked 2 pictures I posted on Facebook and on Friday he did snapchat me, and yesterday I contacted him and we talked abit.

So basically what I'm asking help for is, I get very insecure and I have to keep being reminded that he likes me , and I hate this. I think its because I like him but because he doesn't live in my town I can't ask him to be exclusive and I really want him to be the one who asks me , instead of me chasing him.

So what can I do for him to keep being interested? I have a very busy life, school, work , friends etc but the moment someone comes in my life I become needy and have to stalk and I get sad and happy, but I don't want to be this way, I want to relax and let things flow on its own.

I thought I could just go on with my life and not try to get his attention all the time, cause if a guy is interested he will show me, and if not than bye. I can contact him here and there but not all the time.

What can I do ?


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  • You can keep him interested by not doing those things that you want to keep being reminded that he likes you.

    • So basically just relax and stop stressing? and stop analzying everything, I mean I don't contact him all the time I just over think alot

    • BINGO! It's easier said than done, I get that...and I've been there as a person who has been insecure in the past. Just believe that he's interested because he makes efforts to see you. Judge his actions, not your thoughts.

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