Spending the day together?

so me and this guy are kind of talking.. we are going to hang out one day this weekend and we're basically going to spend the whole day together. we were wanting to see a movie but along with that what should we do? I want something that's fun (obviously), and isn't really focusing on a romantic side! any ideas would help! thanks!


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  • Being it's not a date, a first time "hang out" Might lead to More than holding hands in the "touch screen' theater, so thought I would First inject this. So, with this in mind, if you both are "kind of talking," and want to get to know one another, might I suggest a lite dinner, a couple of drinks maybe later on in a nice pub. Even friends do this, so it really "isn't focusing on a romantic side."

    Perhaps, for a second "hang out," providing things went well with the First one, a movie would be fine. It may even judge how far you both are at that "moment in time.":))xx