Why don't they go for me? (white guys)

I'm Taylor, and I live in a very white area(nothing wrong with that) I am not your normal black girl, I don't meet any of those stereotypes. I play sports but I have girly side to me, I like to laugh and have a good time but then there is the love life...I have allot of white friends boy and girl and I find my self more attracted to white guys, but none of them seem to feel the same way back. I am not too dark but I'm not light skin, my skin tone is I don't know a warm mocha? I take care of my self. I have low self esteem but I do know that I can that bad looking I've been called pretty and gorgeous and all that jazz before.(not by guys). In my school there are a lot of interracial couples with girls darker then me and lighter then me, I just don't get it. I've been single for the longest now and it sucks, I mean I'm not just limiting my self for white guys but now its just guys in general?!?


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  • It says your unde 18 so I'm guessing your 17 or 16? Girl at that age a lot of girls don't get approached by guys in highschool its not just you and beig black. Trust memaybe yur friends do but I can promice you not ever single pretty girl in your school has been asked out on a date by any guy there. Boys in highschool are kinda more shy with that kinda stuff and unless they know you will absolutely say yes they won't take that risk. I'm sure you are absolutely goregous but being from a different race it could be intimidating to since they won't know if you go for white guys or not. I'm sure when you get out of highshool and the boys are more mature that will change. Obviously not all boys will be attracted to black girls, its normal, not all bous will ever be attracted to you buut I'm sure since yu said there's mostly white people in your town once you get older that will change. I'm mixed with white and black and I rarley got hit on in highschool even though sometimes I did but it was rare. Now thought its way better and since there's like only 70 black people in my city like legit you can guess its mostly from white men. Seriously it just depends on the person and how approachable you make yourself, just be confident and always look your best and I'm sure you will find one


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  • Why don't they go for you? In an honest and polite manner, white men generally prefer white girls. When they do date interracially, they go for Asian or Hispanic/Latina women.

    They aren't attracted to African features or the black culture and they think there are some major cultural differences that they somehow overlook with Asians and Latinas.

    And girl pretty is not guy pretty.

    It's all down to preference.

    Have you ever tried approaching guys yourself? You can't sit around waiting for someone to approach you if that hasn't worked for you in the past.

  • You're not white, that's why. It doesn't matter if you meet "those stereotypes" and you're a special unique black girl *rolls fucking eyes* You can't expect white guys to like you when they have their own girls they can date.

  • well do YOU only like white guys?whats the rush?

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