is she right or am I just a sucker?

Cliff notes:

Met a girl online
She DOES like me a lot and i like her
Long story short but I found out through creepin that she likes another dude
I called her out on it and she said "Well I technically am single, and so are you"
She said "if you really liked me you wouldn't care about another guy in the picture"

am i just being beta and worrying about this other dude she lieks more, or is she right and i should ignore him?

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Would like to mention she doesn't know i creeped obviously, and when i confronted her i made it seem like i didn't find out by creeping.


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  • First of all creeping can break all forms of trust for any future. I know it can be hard to trust another being but nothing good can come from creeping. You either find out something that will upset you and mess with your emotions or you find nothing and keep digging until you do which usually makes the other person back away from you even further. If you are not happy about a situation than change it. If you want to be exclusive with someone don't creep around to find out your odds and where you stand. Communicate with her in a positive way. Tell her how you feel and that you want to be exclusive. That you don't intend to see other girls and you want the same in return. She will either take the step to move forward with you or she might need time. Its up to you to play it cool if she needs more time. You don't want to push a relationship on someone that isn't at that point yet. Everyone deserves to be with someone that wants them 110% If she is not feeling that with you there are plenty other fish out there. Its hard finding chemistry but not impossible.

    • I halfway agree with her. Most people nowadays do their research on people they are interested in, however, you were beta both in a) looking for something specifically negative and b) calling her out on it when you knew it was rather invasive thing to do in the first place. Give her a chance who cares if she turns out to be a bitch, you learn.

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  • If your not in a relationship you can't say anything about it but you know what online relationships are bull anyway

  • What are you waiting on?
    Ask her out! Make her your girlfriend! :)


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