How to text (SMS) from a PC? I'd like to receive too?

I have a Tracfone cellphone. It's cheap and effective, but I'm constantly worrying about how many minutes I have left and the costs of individual texts.

I have a friend that likes to text me a lot. I wish there was a way I could sms from my PC. I could use a real keyboard, which I can do 70wpm on, and it would be cheaper. I've found some free websites that do this, but I think there is a significant delay. Ideally I'd like a chat application that I can run on my PC like AOL instant messenger or Skype, that would be like a chatroom, or IM, but would be the other person texting on a phone.

Has anyone out there done that? Maybe I should just use KIK?

Tell me about your cellphone plans. How much do you pay per month? How much does each text cost you? I pay about $10 a month, and texts cost me $.025 each.


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  • Almost every carrier allows text-via-email, so there will be a way to text just about anyone, even if it's not as convenient.

    If you get a Google Voice number, even if you don't otherwise use it on your phone, you can text via Google Voice all you like from your PC.

    Nearly every Android phone will support Google Talk (now Hangouts) out of the box, and tons of Apple folks have Hangouts on their devices. It's available for the PC, of course, and it has a ton of features, and works really well. It's also free.

    • This. The response I was going to give except the carrier part cause in my opinion that's a pain compared to the others.

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  • How to text (SMS) from a PC? I'd like to receive too?
    There's plenty of free sites that allow you to use your email account to register a free account that allows you to send/receive sms provided you know the contact's mobile provider. Here's one


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  • There may be many options out there - I don't know as I don't use SMS much at all.

    However Google voice allows you to do this.

    You can set up a Google voice account, and send/receive texts through it:
    voice. google. com

  • I send SMS messages via Yahoo! IM all the time. It even saves my friends' phone #s after the 1st message.