She's shy/avoidant and I never get a chance to meet her?

My friend wanted to set me up with her friend, but the problem is the friend is really shy/ avoidant of potentially awkward social situations. I know her type 'cuz I'm formerly the same way. She doesn't want my friend to give her number to me because we haven't met, yet but for some reason I never see her around campus. Also, she doesn't do parties atm she's kind of a mess (with like having her friend throw her a party then abruptly canceling it.)

I want to give her a chance because my friend, who I really like a lot, has been hyping her for months about how great we'd be, but its annoying having this meet be so prolonged week after month. Should I just give up and resist any opportunity to meet her or is there some way you think I could meet her? I'm not really interested in waiting anymore so I want some decision made.


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  • Wow, giving up doesn't sound so bad if this girl is really so opposed to just meeting you.

    Tell your friend you're willing to wait a certain amount of time longer (whatever you're willing to put up with - another couple weeks, a month, etc.) and that after that, you appreciate what she's trying to do but you're just not interested anymore.


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