Are Giles age 15-25 competative/mental possive and the at about 27-40+, they become less controlling?

I believe the world to be a singular universal experience. Where we all come as young inexperienced souls to climb the same spiral and become an ultimate and harmonious being while battling our dark forces of other and our selfs.
Anyways this lead into the thought that women always end up at the same primary shapes which shape there character from age 14-24.
Which is giving in to again who doesn't know about him -self and getting her feeling hurt because he lustful and want other girls. this happens universally to all of them. Transforming them self in my opinion hateful, competitive, manipulating, mind controlling freaks which is why most of the psychological field is filled with women.
Ten around 27-40+ most of them ask for light and love/ forgiveness and acceptance from the 2 decades they spent alone practicing I harmonious behavior.
By that time it's a little hard for them because they are more wise and the boys that are 15-25 they can't get or get very little of. Is this true?


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