I love my girlfriend very much but the thought of leaving comes to my head everyday?

I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 8 months in the beginning we were happy we are both each others first official significant other, and we are both in college. However I love this Girl and I feel like she loves me even more, but I just have become not bored but just kind of unhappy. I am interested in other girls but would never cheat on her, I feel as though I really love and wish I could just be happy with what I have, but no matter what I do I just miss being single or feel like there is something more out there. This feeling has gotten more and more frequent through out the day. I almost tear up thinking about leaving her and being without her, she means so much to me. But it's like I have this insatiable desire for something more. I hate it and I just want to be with her and be happy but... the uncontrollable desire for something new and better comes to me. What do I do? Please help!


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  • Hmm... So you love this girl, you don't want to be without her, but you're thinking about dating again. I think, especially with this being your first official relationship, that you need a confirmation that you really care about this girl (or not!) A lot of people I know, myself included, have felt this way at some point. It's like you start to panic, thinking maybe all you're feeling is lust, or that maybe you really really love this person, but what if there is someone better, or they are the last person you date? The truth is, you're never going to get that confirmation unless you take the steps to get it. This may mean you take a break with this girl, if that's what you feel is right. You should think it over and see what feels right to you. When I was feeling this way, someone said to me "sometimes you just need time apart" and now, after the fact, I completely believe in this statement. It's not that you don't care about the person, you just need to be with other people to see how much they mean to you.


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  • Well take a break if you have to. If she takes it badly, you LL have to accept her reaction. If not, you'll be lucky if you can even stay friends.


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  • Dude it's time to set down and have a little talk with her let her know how you feel she will not understand you if you don't talk once you start communicating the rest becomes easer. chances are even if you split it may be as friends good luck


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