He still texts but never calls anymore?

I have been dating a guy exclusively for two almost three months and we used to call/text regularly. He would contact several times a day and often we would have hours long conversations. However, lately he only texts good morning and never calls anymore. We also have not hung out for an entire month (conflicting schedules). I know he is busy but it just seems odd that he no longer calls me. I have called him and he apologized for not answering, but he never actually returned my call. Should I ask him if anything is wrong or should I just see where things go? Thank you!


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  • I think you should bring it up, a tad casually. There is nothing wrong with asking such a thing.

    A good idea is to ask about it after some genuine small talk. Talk about how his day was or about something you did. After a few text (or minutes in a call) of that, just ask "say, we haven't been calling like we used to. I miss that! :)".
    If he doesn't take the hint and tell you why, go right ahead and ask anyway.

    So basically:
    You: "say, we haven't been calling like we used to. I miss that! :)"
    He: "Yea, i know."/"hadn't noticed"/"I miss it too!"/etc
    You: "Why do you think that is?"

    The tricky thing is that you don't want to 'put him on the spot', so to speak. It is not like he did something wrong, you honestly and blamelessly want to know if something changed. If you ask that too directly, it could come off as an attack ("Why don't you return my calls?") and a terribly unnecessary argument may ensue.
    The only downside to this more neutral way of asking about it, is that he can just say: "i've been busy" which wouldn't be any news. If that does happen, just drop this thing and move on. Chances are he really was busy and that is all there is to it.

    If you have any other questions, ask ahead!

    • Thank you, this was very helpful! I think I will try this next time I talk to him, hopefully soon!

    • It was my pleasure ;)

      Best of luck!

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  • Maybe he has lost interest?


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  • I'd ask him when is a convenient time to call, then it's on his schedule and timing and you are still showing interest.

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