I saw a sad text message in my bfs phone?

Hi, I have been dating for almost three months. English is not my first language, but I can normally communicate and I almost never have trouble because of my English . I am dating a guy for almost three months (he asked me to be his girlfriend after two weeks we were seeing each other), after that we have a normal couple life. Go out with friends, stay together, yesterday he took me to his family dinner and I met his family and relatives. Yesterday morning, before the dinner he went to shower and I got his phone and read a conversation between him and his friend. He said awesome things about me, he told him about our perfect Valentine's day, he told I am amazing, he told every detail about us. I loved that until his friend asked "is she the one?" And he said: "I don't know, likely not, she is awesome tho" His friend asked "why likely not?" And he said "there's the language barrier so I don't know what she is like" That's OK if he says "I don't know", but WHY he said "likely not"? Why someone date without expecting that it's going to work? Really, I am so upset :,( This conversation happened one month ago, do you think his thoughts changed about "likely not" since he introduced me to his parents yesterday)

Thank you so much.


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  • I don't feel like it was right for you to read his texts, unless he knows about it and is okay that you do. As for him introducing you to his parents, it means that you could 'possibly' be the one for him. But I suggest you ask him truthfully how he feels about you, but don't tell him that you read his conversation. Just ask him if it bothers him that English isn't your first language, but ask it in a way that he wouldn't suspect that you read his text. But I would imagine that if a guy introduces his girlfriend to his parents, than he likely does in fact have feelings for her


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