Dating a single dad, what should I know?

If I am interested in a single full custody father what should I know? The kid seems to like me but he doesn't have a lot of free time what can I do to make a potential relationship possible with out being over bering?

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what I mean is what can I do with/for/about dad not the kid. I am going to 'eave that up to papa decide when and what things should be done with his child.


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  • Every situation of this kind is vastly different. Chances are that if he has full custody he is a really good mature guy. But, even that isn't always true. You'll have to know that you will always come second to his responsibilities of being of being a parent. If you're ready for that, then go for it. Its hard to say more without knowing more. Im surprised that he has already introduced you two. I wouldn't get too involved in the child's life until you have a clear idea where the two of you are heading. And even then, I would slowly build a friendship with his son and let things develop natually from there.


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  • Try having bonding time with him. Maybe build something with him. Just find something interesting enough to build according to his age.

  • I'm dating a single dad and it's very tough. he can't always be with you, he can't always give you the attention you want, and it's tough. I would say to think about it long and hard before you get involved. He is mature to raise a child but it's a difficult situation to handle