Is he already over me or is she just a rebound?

My ex and I dated for over a year, but we're both doing graduate school in different states. So he thought it would be better if we broke up even though he said he loved me. I found out that he likes another girl, and that they've had something going on for awhile now. I have a close friend at his school, so I know they hooked up at a party and that they've gone on a few dates.

I don't know how he feels about her, but after telling me he wanted to focus on school, I don't see how he could just move on with someone else like that. They're in the same major, so they clearly met not too long after he and I ended things. Is she just someone he's using or is he over me?


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  • Sweetie, it's apparent that Your Ex sweetie, has moved on to, not only someone who is closer to him in "study," but in "state," as well. I feel at the time he told you he wanted to just focus on school, that he had meant it. But somewhere down the lunch line, having thought it over, he hooked up with another, also feeling long distance love was not in in his book of majors.
    I can't say for sure if he is using her, to be quite fair. Of course I don't know his situation with this newbie, and neither do you, obviously. I do know he has Obviously moved on in his life, so in essence he has "gotten over the hump" with what he had with you. However, who is to say what he is still feeling within himself about What he had with you... that is unknown.
    He may Still get in touch with you, as far as a friend-zone thing. It's up to you as to what you would do should he call.
    In the meantime, get over what's going on in His state, and focus Now on what is good for your own "state" of mind. xx


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  • This is a little complicated. It sounds to me like he was being very genuine with you. With you being an LDR, it took a lot more time than someone who's very convenient geographically. If you should end up collocated then there's some chance the flame would reignite. It also sounds to me like he went out of his way to preserve your feelings but we all get horny and he found some low hanging fruit. Is she a rebound? Who knows--only time will tell.


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