Why do guys in general have such a hard time communicating?

I mean especially telling a girl how he feels about her, whether it's bad or good.

I'm just frustrated that this one guy whom I really like has stopped communicating with me...and last I've heard from mutual friends was that he's thinking I was being "clingy" to him. I did send him a message apologizing for that but he hasn't replied or anything. He had no problem telling me that he's into me though before we had hung out like a week before that...


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  • I like to think we communicate well =P

    We are pretty simple for the most part...though shyness and playing the game can cloud some people's communication. I've found women are TERRIBLE at communicating how they feel about a guy. Lets see my previous date was a pastor...we spent 50+ hours on the phone and had an 8 hour date...everything was great...had a second date planned...talked on the phone 4 of the next 5 days...then BAMM...no communication. A complete stop with NO warning. I had to call her to confirm the date the night before and she said she was moving and just wanted to be friends. So much for that...she hasn't talked to me in over a month...I've had similar experiences with other women...and no I'm not freaky or clingy =P

    As for your guy interest, he has a different level of clingy-ness. He's freaked out and won't try to hang out with you and any more communication you make will just make it worse. The best thing you can do is move on...then you open new doors...and it is possible your lack of attention to him will draw him to you again...though unlikely. You didn't do anything wrong. It is just a different personality trait...like how it is important for two people to have a similar sense of humor, they should have a similar need for clingy-ness.

    • Thanks...kinda. I'm not planning on trying to communicate with him anymore except we will see each other next Friday at a show that his band is playing at. I still have some hope that he "likes" me still but is either being lazy or just wants a break from me and/or his feelings for me will come back when he sees me that night. What do you think and what should I do/say when I see him next? I'm thinking of acting a little p*ssed at him for not contacting me in at least a couple weeks.

    • Honestly, I'd barely acknowledge him. Just hang around your friends and, if your groups meet, just acknowledge his presence with a "hello" or something. You made the last move in communication...now it is his turn. I'd let him take the lead in starting communication and you can evaluate it from there.

      But I wouldn't expect anything from him...better to get what you expected than less than you expected I say =P

    • Well apparently he lost interest in me simply because of how affectionate I acted around him when we hung out and he wasn't feeling good. he finally contacted me online and seemed kinda mean telling me that but then the next day apologized for everything. he's with his old girlfriend, though, so we both moved on.

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