she wants a kiss but we never met?

I have texted and talked with a girl for a few days and she wants a kiss when i meet her. She randomly added me on Facebook and we have been chatting since than. Should I just do it? Ever happened to any one? Seems odd or no?


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  • Its pretty dangerous to suddenly have a discussion to meet someone who randomly added you on Facebook . If she know some of your other friends then go for it. Just be cautious to what you're going to throw yourself into.

    • well i have talked to her online for a while, and have her number and heard her voice. Just go for it.

    • Well it sound like you grown a connection after knowing a bit about each other already. That being the case, I'll have to say go for it

  • Seem kinda odd but its cool. It would be nice if girls would add me on Facebook and say they want to kiss me.

    well if you do like her and you guys meet then you should kiss her