Why do men feel ok (comfortable) dating women way out of their league?

i feel like i see this all the time.. an ugly to average guy dating a girl wayy out of his league, and he walks around like he's hot shit? like he deserves it? women are not like this at all. we are soo insecure already, that this would make us feel ten times worst! .. why are guys soo ok with this. why do they feel so intitled?(PS i could care less if they have money!)//please no dumb answers


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  • Because some men experience rejection more than we do. Some have a thicker skin, so they can go out there without such a crippling fear of rejection.

    We, on the other hand, don't generally deal with being told "no" by someone we're interested in so we have a greater fear of the known-unknown.


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  • It's spelled entitled. Sorry, grammar Nazi mode. Anyway, women want "confident" men; even though these men may not be attractive they believe that they are. Women, in general, consider looks a third priority when it comes to a partner. Financial stability and personality maybe more important. It makes sense because women, as a whole, are far prettier than men. This means men value looks more than women do. Personally, I would love to date a girl way out of my league!

  • If looks are the only human virtue, then yes you're right. But I think most people would disagree with that. Physical strength is a virtue too, and almost all men are stronger than their women. Emotional strength, wealth and career, charm, confidence, humor, intelligence, knowledge, style, health are all virtues too.

    You might as well accuse women who date richer, stronger, more confident or funnier men of being entitled.


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  • In terms of looks? For a variety of reasons:

    1. That's because guys get told all time that looks don't matter.

    Now, for ugly guys actually in relationships with hot women:

    1. They provide money, most common reason I see
    2. That woman happens to be one of the non-visual women.

  • Maybe they have a great personality lol. or maybe she's attracted to him just as much as he is her. or maybe even she could be insecure about herself. But i think thats just how guys are. they feel like theyre the main alpha in the world of boys if they have a super sexy girl on their arm. :)

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