Help decipher these mixed signals?

I met a guy online and we talked for a week and then met. (It seemed like a little less than a date because we paid for our own food and movie tickets separately.)
We hit it off and he texted me every day following the date.

After the initial date, we made plans to hang out but our texts became increasingly sexual.
Our second encounter consisted of us having sex, him initially trying to leave after, but ended with him spending the night.

After then we didn't talk much. I initiated most of the contact.
We exchanged e-Valentine's and he even posted one of the ones I sent him to Instagram.

I wanted to see him again but I stipulated that our third meeting would not involve sex, and he suggested that I drive to his house (which was an hour away from where I live). I get over halfway there, and he cancels on me.

I hadn't talked to him for about three weeks after this but he had something happen to him recently and I sent him a FB message to ask him if he was okay. He responded by saying that he is and he misses me and that he wants to make it up to me from when he bailed.

My main question is does this guy like me or is he just trying to see what he can get from me?

Other information:
I did ask him after the sex date what he was looking for in a relationship, and his answer was "friends, for now."

He has called me a number of pet names including babe and bae, which I'm okay with, but he has also called me buddy a couple of times, which completely threw me off.


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  • If he said friends for now, it probably means he wants to have a friend with benefits relationship.


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  • My opinion and----my advice---stay friends, but With No benefits. Be smart, and don't allow him to play you like a fiddle, or you will end up to be, not just His "friend with benefits," but a Cutesy Convenience as well. Yes, the pet names he is referring you as, are His way of telling you You're His for the taking and---any time he Only sees fit.
    It's your booty call whether or not you want to be strung along, but if you don't use some sort of tactics with this "non committal" type of tom, he will Constantly do nothing but-----completely throw you off. xx