Is this a fling or does he like me?

I met this really nice guy tons of good things about him and this was maybe 2 months ago and we talk everyday since about 100 texts a day about everything he hasn't had a girlfriend for half a year so hasn't had sex since says he's fine without having sex till the right one so I have a because right now that doesn't treat me good so I'm really starting to like this guy and he didn't want to start hanging out till I broke up and I agreed but things change beginning of this week and we ended up meeting up so we ended up making out 15 min after we met up for about an hour and then I wanted to stop so we left kHz I didn't want it going further so the next day he wanted to again and it was his bday and I said no and told him I don't think he realized what he was doing was wrong and he said sorry for being like that to you I've just been trying so hard to do what's right for the past year and half and I kinda you understood so it was like a fallback and then he said ok well just hang out as friends but it's hard to not do stuff when we did in the past you know what I mean I said yeah whatever I didn't really care I wanted to show him my point of view in case he didn't like me and would end up hurting me but it was his bday so I didn't want to ruin it by being rude but he always tells me I deserve better and wants me to move home asap so me and him can hang out but that was before that happened but I'm sure he still thinks that but I don't know if he likes me but won't admit cause I still have a boyfriend or if he doesn't like me just wants to fool around but talk all day as well I'm the only girl he texts he said and he's 24


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  • It is possible that he likes you.


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