Why would a girl want to talk after making out with me on the party and then with another guy?

I had a "date" with a girl at the bar. She invited me for her gf's birthday party. We drank liquor, danced and made out. I spent majority of my night with her.
I went outside for a smoke and when I came back she was making out with one of her friends. I was like "WTF?" so i took her outside to talk. She was drunk and told me she doesn't know what she wants, she has mixed feelings and went back to that guy. I left that party as I was hurt and shocked by her behavior. That night her girlfriend told me to find another girl and not to take it personal as she is drunk.

Yesterday i saw her again. She tried to talk/grab my attention all night but I was ignoring her. At the end of the night she came up to me and asked what happened that night cause she doesn't remember anything. I LIED and said - 'I dont remember eiher as i was too drunk'. She asked me what I remember and i just told her the part before I went out for a smoke. Then I said "I gotta go" and she told me that "we need to talk".


What does her "we need to talk" mean?
Would it be best to confront her or play it cool and lie that I don't remember anything?


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  • Just because you didn't call her on her shit, doesn't mean she forgets or that she now knows what she wants.

    The girl sounds like she's a mess, and will continue to make out with randoms because it's fun and she's up for fun, nothing serious.


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  • I would confront her... She needs to learn what she did was wrong... but then again... she was drunk.. people like a total another person when they're drunk...

  • Just mess with her feelings.


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  • Alcohol dulls inhibitions. That's a good and bad thing. Some girls make out with anyone once they're drunk.
    My opinion is she sounds like she's into you but who knows maybe she's actually a slut.
    I would say don't confront, but observe her behavior further just to make sure.

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