Girls, what do you like about men, what´s attractive to you?

So I think it´s pretty commonly known that men are turned on by basically everything about a girl the consider hot or attractive or gorgeous etc.

What turns you on about men? Can be physical attributes or personality traits.

Thanks Ladies :)


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  • I only like certain types but here are characteristics that I think make a man hot:
    -Either being in shape or skinny
    - Smelling Nice
    - Drinking Craft beer instead of Light beer
    -Intelligence is also sexy in men
    - Being Liberal is also sexy in my opinion
    - Not wanting to have kids is also a plus
    - Looking hot in professional attire like a suit
    - Being clean shaven
    - Good Downstairs grooming habits
    - A nice package
    - I also like nice hair (on top of their heads)
    - Too much body hair is a turn of but a little bit of chest hair is really hot
    - And big manly hands are also really fucking hot

    • is smelling nice or drinking craft beer more important than being intelligent?

    • This list isn't in a specific order -_- its just things that i like generically in a man. But no I would not guy a guy who smelled nice and drank craft beer if he was stupid

    • i see... thanks for clarifying

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  • passionate
    not obese/but doesn't have to be in perfect shape
    good hygiene
    no drugs
    not a party addict
    not a perve (huge turn off)
    not an alcoholic
    some what logical
    has morals
    not a prick to others
    not egotistic HUGE TURN OFF

  • First impression attractiveness:
    - a great smile #1
    - confidence
    - nice build and in shape
    - smells nice, well groomed. Don't be crusty.
    - nice tattoos, not a deal breaker... but a definate bonus

    To keep the attraction:
    - say what you mean and mean what you say
    - respectful
    - stable
    - well read and intelligent
    - being witty is a big bonus
    - a broad musical palette
    - kiss well and often

    Things that do not matter when judging my attraction level:
    Hair color, eye color, skin color, personal style, height or weight (as long as they are proportional), what car you drive, job or income level (just be stable and love what you do or be working towards it)

  • First thing that attracts me is their look.. Then they way they dress ,. Then the way they carry themselves.. Then the way they they speak and smile... Their smell.. :) everything for me counts

  • I prefer a man who is witty, humorous, intelligent and focused.
    I won't lie and say looks don't matter because they certainly do, but it varies according to the man.
    I do not have a specific type but the personality is the deciding factor for me.

  • I loved three things ; A joke, a glass of wine and a handsome man.

  • attitudes, character and charming with a good sense of humor:)

  • height, hands, scent, deep voice, manly body-wide shoulders, strong jaw, smile

  • taller than me, which is easy as im 5'2 ! confident but gets shy/nervous around me, lovely jaw line, strong shoulders, dark hair, beard can be so sexy, veiny big hands, softly spoken not sweary rough, has a sense of humour, nice kind eyes, ambitious and kind, mature, sensible not pranking type.. but then I'm late twenties.. maybe if I was a teen I'd like pranks haha

  • There are so many little things that can make me attracted to a guy. Being fit, smelling nice, dressing nice, treating girls well, playing hockey (which sounds too specific, but as a hockey player myself, I connect with other players easily), personality traits similar to mine (same sense of humor, etc.), well groomed, fun-loving, etc.

    • it's strange that treating girls well comes after smelling nice lol... i'm glad it comes before playing hockey...

    • Oh, I wasn't trying to put it in order..

    • oh i see... sorry for the misunderstanding...

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  • There is new information on this all the time as scientists study attraction, sexuality and relationships from the female perspective.

    Here is a chart of their findings, even once controlled for the finding of another study, the results show that women are most attracted to Arrogant, Confrontative, Muscular men. They are least attracted to Faithful, Intelligent, Warm men. Basically, women love shit starting cunts who cheat on them and dislike good kind men.

    In most instances, interactions remained significant or neared significance, > indicating that the effects reported here are not redundant with the effects reported > previously. For confrontativeness, arrogance, faithfulness, and muscularity, ts = 3.13 >(df = 7986), 2.64 (df = 8081), -2.27 (df = 8057), and 1.85 (df = 7957), > respectively, all ps attractiveness, the effect dropped to nonsiginifance. t (7925) = 1.09, ns. Women rely > on behavioral information when evaluating the attractiveness of men. The results suggest > that fertile women are particularly attracted to these components of physical attractiveness.

    • Please don't actually pay attention to this person. Any guy can write a bunch of shit based on assumptions, opinions and perceptions. But that doesn't qualify you to say what we like for real. You are not female and clearly know nothing about what we like.

    • Hmm interesting, comment. I'm curious why is it that you are so quick to dismiss scientific evidence? Is this a religious belief or something maybe?

  • Women overrate their awareness.

    -Skin color
    -Social status
    -Social competence
    -Physical and Mental health
    -Power (Even situational power)

    Basically, if it can benefit their potential offspring, they are attracted to it.

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