Girl is confused guy is falling hard?

Try to keep this short:

Chad like Brittany, they've been seeing each other loosely since the start of the year. They were both fresh out of relationships so they both decided best just to be friends.

Well that worked for a bit but they are attracted to teach other so naturally it turned into more. They have yet to sleep together (he's made it clear he won't until she's sure how she feels)

Long story short Brittany explained to chad recently just how confused she was about everything. She hasn't moved past her ex completely. She was honest with Chad and told him how she felt.

Also expressed insecurities in his feelings towards her, about how she's afraid to open up and get hurt etc etc.

Chads made it clear to her she is who she wants but she's made it clear to him that while there is an attraction, she is confused as hell.

What is chads best course of action? His initial thought was to just give her an ultimatum but that's pretty immature and selfish.. His new thought is to just try to somehow be her friend enough to show her he cares, give her enough space to figure things out, yet somehow keep the attraction.

He is also scared of getting burnt, but does feel like Brittany is being honest. And when they do spend time together, it's not a convenience thing for Brittany. She has pretty obviously invested something into this, I think she just doesn't know what.

Anyways love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Silence is golden. Don't "talk about it".
    Chad need to be more cynical. She could be lying about her ex. But if Chad's confident she's into you, then he should pretend he's disinterested and act distant. Human nature is such that people can't stand losing what they think they already have. She'll start to ask what's wrong and get worked up.

    Life is about taking risks, and the winner takes all. So Chad cannot afford to be scared or risk winning nothing at all. Show some leadership and win the girl.