I just need some guidance before i go crazy?

This guy and i have been on 5 great dates, he has slept over at my place and we have had sex and he has been sweet and nice to me. He doesn't live in my town so its hard to meet eachother and keep this going, but i try staying in touch with him.

Last time he was in town was on Valentine's day and he spendt it with me and slept over. We had a great time and he has told me 2 times how much he enjoyed it, he told me he liked me that day.
But ever since he got back home he hasn't been contacting me regularly, we usually snapchat a lot or talk on Facebook . He hasn't been contacting me a lot , I've contacted him 2 times, but he does "like" my picture updates on Facebook so i guess he stil is into me?
Last time i talked to him was on Monday, and i asked him when he was coming to town and he said end of mars, and i asked if he eventually would like to meet up again, and he said yes, i want to, and told me the date he is coming and said im staying a bit longer so we can meet up. So is he interested?

Iknow i know i sound crazy but im all like "actions speak louder than words", and i know we aren't ofical and we both have our own lives, but i think I've almost fallen for him and am becoming needy. .

What should i do?


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  • He wouldn't say I'm coming and staying a bit longer that we can meet up if he wasn't interested.
    Be positive, if he really likes you or if he is feeling something for you he will say or do something and also you can say when you would like to come to him or something like that.

    • i know im over analyzing it , but i feel like some guys say one thing and than do another thing, so far he hasn't let me down and has shown up on all of our dates