Where to find Mrs. Right? (meaningful relationship)?

So I'm 27, out of a long-term relationship, working on landing a career job, and looking for Mrs. Right. I've always desired a meaningful relationship that matures into something I can build my life around, i. e. marriage. The problem I'm finding is that all the kind of woman that I'm looking for isn't the easiest to find. I want someone attractive, smart, independent but desiring an interdependent relationship. Bars are filled with people who want less of a serious thing than I'm looking for and I'd like tips on where and how to get out there and find Mrs. Right. I know it's not a next-day kinda thing, but I want to start somewhere. Thanks for your responses!


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  • Go to serious places to find serious people. Why do people only think to go to a bar when looking for someone? Is your imagination that limited?

    Find meetup groups, classes, activities, and events that spark YOUR interest. Like minds attract like people. You aren't going to find an educated, career oriented woman at a meth house. Use your imagination and think of where to meet the people you want. If you want to find someone fit to date, you go to a mud run. If you want to meet an intellectual you go to a debate or a book club.


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  • Well if you want a fit girl that keeps up with herself yiu can always go to the gym :)


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