Why did he say I was gullible but then said he called his sister that?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. Were both 17. I don't really remember what happened and what we said. His sister was telling me that I should say "Ay boo (;" in a ghetto voice to my boyfriend when he walks out of his class lol we were talking about nicknames to give him so that's why haha. So he walked out and his sister kept saying to do it and so I did and he was so confused lol.

I told him why I did that and what me and his sis were talking about and he started laughing. He said "Oh Taylor you're so gullible" I think he said that, couldn't really hear since people were around. I talked to him asking if he called me gullible and he said "No I called Sara (his sister) gullible". Does he have the wrong definition for "gullible"? I can't stop thinking about this. I over think everything... part of my anxiety


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  • Lol. He probably did say that ur gullible bc his sister coerced u into using "ay boo" in a ghetto voice. Especially if u don't normally speak that way. Don't let it eat u alive tho. More than likely he meant it jokingly, and saw that u got a little perturbed at his comment, so he switched it to meaning it was in reference to his sister. Gullible isn't an insult it just means ur easily influenced.


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