Why doesn't he message me as often as he used to?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months. Everything is great; we are honest, caring and respectful of each other. He is seriously the best boyfriend a girl can ask for; my wish is always his command (without even me asking) and although we have very busy lives and live in two different cities he still does try his best to come and see me at least once a week. Giving all that in mind, recently I have been noticing him not messaging me as much; everything else is still the same; he still cares and supports me in every decision I make; and he is a man of principles so I know for a fact that he is not into any other girl or anything like that. However the only thing is he takes his time to reply my messages whereas when we started going out he used to respond to me right away. Should I be worried?


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  • I dont think its anything to worry about! Like you said, you both live busy lives.. Maybe he has a lot of messages to reply too all at once :)

    He loves you, dont worry.

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