Guys I really would like your opinion... Why do guys remain in a relationship with someone who's "dramatic" vs someone who's not?

I'm really just trying to understand something that I see a good majority of the time from those in relationships

Do guys really like being with a girl who constantly checks up on them and has a problem with any friend of theirs that's a girl (old or new) where she'll call out a fight to any minor or non-threat to a relationship?
Or do they really prefer the no drama girl who knows who and when to call out a fight if need be and doesn't have to feel like she needs to have a constant update on her guy?

I'm asking cause I see it as a confidence/security issue.
A girl who's confident/secure (in my opinion) with where she stands in her relationship (& knows what she can bring to that relationship) won't feel the need to have a constant update on her guy and won't feel like every girl is out there to take her guy. She'll only stand up when it's necessary to hold her ground.
Where the un-confident/insecure girl (in my opinion) would feel the need to constantly know everything her guy is upto and feel she'll need to hold her ground with just about every girl that was not her friend before the relationship.

It baffles me cause I see a lot of guys who stay and remain with the "un-confident" girl.

Any opinion is greatly appreciated :)

OH! (And girls can answer this too)--->
If someone's like that cause the other does constantly cheat-- why stay in that toxic relationship where you constantly have to look over your shoulder and your partners?


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  • Well I could never stand being with a girl like that so I think it just depends on the guy and comes down to a lot of different factors, because I definitely have friends with girlfriends like that. In my opinion, I think some people are just attracted to drama and all of the emotions they experience. It's kind of like why people like watching sad movies. It doesn't really make sense because why would you want to feel bad? Same thing with those couples who fight all the time. They just like feeling those crazy emotions to break up the monotony of normal life. That's my guess anyways.


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  • I can't really understand this myself, but i can only think that they like to be with someone who is so overly attached to them.


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  • people enjoy drama.

  • I fit in as the "confident/secure" girl but I guess guys see that as us being uninterested. I feel that if we're both adults I don't have to nor do I want to keep tabs on my man.