Is inexperience in dating a bad thing?

By inexperience, I mean naivete, gullibility (does this word exist?), tactless in dating, and having no idea about the finer dating rules. So basically, that person is just acting based on their gut feelings and logics. Also, not knowing much about the dating game, doesn't play games either.

Is it a bad thing if the girl you're talking to seemed to be inexperienced like this?


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  • I guess it depends, if your date is inexperienced as you are the there's nothing to be na├»ve or gullible about. Of course there's always the Don Juan that's been with a million girls and will treat you the same way as he treated them. Like I've said a million times, that's why I'm old fashioned and don't believe in having sex before marriage. If he talks about having sex with you before marriage, he just probably wants your body and not your mind.

    -that's the way I see it anyways.

    • well the thing is, I'm talking to a guy in his early 40s, so he must've had a lot of experience already.

    • Sometimes I feel like saying... experience in what? Breaking up or staying together?

    • general relationshippy stuff, I guess... both trying to stay together and accepting the inevitable.

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  • No, I don't think inexperience is a big deal. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't dwell on things you're unsure about, or mistakes you make. Gaining experience isn't always pretty, but the ability to laugh at yourself and learn from mistakes makes life a whole lot easier.


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  • I think that lack of dating experience may hurt you more than guys you're attempting to see. Why? Because you're more prone to being taken advantage of than someone who has more experience.

    • yeah I guess you're right... but everyone's been there at that point, right?

    • Every single one of us has been there... myself included especially since I was a late bloomer in the area of dating. But over time, you gain experience which allowed me to avoid heartache. But yes, we have all been inexperienced before.

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