How will a girl text a guy she's not interested in?

Better yet, will she even willingly give out her number?

Say she hardly knows him and he asks for her number to meet up sometime. Will she just give it to him or try to avoid it by saying she's busy?

If she does give it out, how will she text him? Would she reply real quick with blunt answers, or take a really long time to respond if not at all?


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  • That depends on the girl, and if she likes you or not. She could be (excuse my language) a careless bitch and not give you her number or respond with very quick answers, or she could be sweet and kind and friendly even though she doesn't see you as a potensial boyfriend.

    If a guy I wasn't interested in would ask to hang out, I would say I have other plans. If I liked the guy, I would suggest to meet up another time (if I was busy when he asked). If she doesn't, she's probably not interested.

    She won't just text you "Hey what's up" if she's not interested in you in some sort of way.


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