Who gets criticized more for being bitter towards the opposite sex?

When it comes to bitter women and men? Who gets criticized more for being bitter? Who are you more likely to criticize? A bitter woman or man? is it because its more politically correct to criticize one gender over the other?

  • Men get criticized more for being bitter towards women
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  • Women get criticized more for being bitter towards men
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  • I criticize bitter men more than bitter women because its more politicially correct.
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  • I criticize bitter women more than bitter men because its more politically correct
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  • I try to equally criticize but usually I end up criticizing one more than the other
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  • from my experienced it has to be A.

    its like society not only tolerates but it also accepts women being bitter towards men. but when we men are bitter towards women we get criticized and downgraded like there is no tomorrow


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What Girls Said 2

  • None of your poll options apply to me, the last 3 are laughable, haha!

    I don't actively criticize people for being bitter towards the opposite gender UNLESS they're shoving it down my throat. When someone never shuts up about how awful the other gender is, that's when I lose my patience and tell them to shut up and get over it.

    I don't think what experiences I have with men represent man as a whole. I place the blame where it belongs... THOSE men weren't very good, that doesn't mean ALL men are no good.

    I get very tired of people thinking because they've had a few bad experiences that it means the entire gender is shit. It's such an immature reaction to have, and will only make interactions with the other gender even worse. People can smell a man-hater/woman-hater a mile away.

    These gender bashers... women bash men and wonder why men don't want them. And men bash women and wonder why women don't want them... it's ridiculous. These people are hateful and antagonize the opposite sex at every turn, and then go, "See, I was right," when people react accordingly. They hate first, THEN they poke people until the people act the way their hate says they act, and then they think they're right.
    People who think they can be complete tools and still be adored by others are delusional.

    Try this, bashers - STOP bashing for 5 seconds and you'll see a lot less hostility coming from the opposite sex!
    The fact that people have be to TOLD that is sad...

    • Even though I myself would criticize BOTH, I think that the majority (but not all of ) society is more accepting of bitter women than they are of bitter men.

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    • I have, meaning I've seen it.
      I've personally never called anyone a whiny virgin. There's a few girls on here that LOVE to throw that around though.
      I do, however, tell people to grow up and stop generalizing. Because they need to.

    • Yeah I agree with the generalizing part. No one should generalize any gender.

  • I feel like men when bitter are more malicious.. With intent to get revenage and make every girl pay for the wrong doing of one women in there life that fucked them over... Men are more likely to hold a grudge rather than grow from it


What Guys Said 3

  • definetley men, no question there

  • men are always whining about how bad women are...

    • In my experience, its been both women and men.

  • It used to be men but now it's women because feminism turned most of them into whiny little victims. But society is getting so sick of their whining that feminists are being shamed for that behavior now, which is a good thing.

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