Guys, why would you kiss a girl's head (hair)?

Two male friends of mine recently start giving me a peck on my head (hair) when we have our goodbye hugs. I felt a bit weird at first but not really offended because it's the top of my head, not even forehead. I see that as a friendly gesture and think that they do so because they see me as a kid - they are older (more than 10 years), bigger, and taller. I see them as friends only and I think they probably do the same. One of them claims me as a little sister, the other has a girlfriend and says I'm family. Just want to see what others think?


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  • I have a close friend that I do that to quite often. I've never asked her about it. But she's never complained.
    I just consider it a "term of endearment" A way of showing her friendship means a lot to me. She does the same but on my cheek. She'd have to be about 6'4" to kiss my forehead or head.



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