Ladies I need some help here!!Fellas ur welcome to chime in.?

Ladies say a guy rejected ur initial attempt to pursue a relationship with him.. A relationship, like casual, cause committing to a full exclusive relationship wasn't possible at the time. Timing just wasn't right but you wanted the person and really just be with him but, let's just say minus a title of boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyway he politely reject it, but remain friends. You still attracted to him but the rejection kinda made u hide ur feelings
And you fight your feelings and you ignore things out of fear. So now things seem different with Ur friend, you notice the close attention he pays. The way he stares deeply in Ur eyes, u notice the lingering conversation him checking you out a lot and complementing you a lot. Teasing play fully, and at times little innuendos, and maybe light flirting.. now before he kinda rejected u he let you know he's attracted, and that he would pursue something if timing was different.
But now I'm getting a vibe, I mean I notice him mirroring me. Or he gets close leans forward when where talking and position his body towards me his chest inflates a bit when I'm around, and upon first laying eyes on me when entering a room I've notice he'll raise his eyebrows, or greet me with a big smile. I mean these are all good signs, but could it mean he's interested in knowing me better personally outside from our work. Ladies if a guy behavior is focused on u and he's as sweet as pie when it comes to you, help you with everything.
Would you risk the chance of pursing things again. Ya know like trying to find out if he's interested or ask him out as friends for a drink? What if the guy u loved rejected you originally but now showing some interest maybe. Would u leave it alone wait for him to pursue things further sense he rejected u before? Or leave it in the past and try to find out if he's changed his mind about u and possibly want to see how things go? In other words tell him what Ur still interested if he wants to try. observant.


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  • Sweetie, don't say a word, just let things go for now. Everything is nice, nurturing. Don't upset that. Don't find yourself back at a nowhere point with him, when there just may be more than meets the eye.
    Although he had told you his true feelings of Not wanting anything exclusive at the time, perhaps has given him some free reins to Just be "free" to do as he wants to with his own feelings right now, and at the same time, feels Safe to keep them locked inside his heart until He is ready to unlock the key to your heart once again.
    If he wants to tell you anything, even that he wants a real relationship with you, believe me---you will be the first on his "heart chart."
    Why fix what is Not broken? xx

    • I'm sorry, I miss led u he never said he didn't wanna be exclusive, I did, I wanted something casual until I figured things out in my life.

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    • The way I am reading it, he didn't want to be exclusive, you felt hurt, and now that he is showing More attention, you are wondering what to do, or tell him again how you feel, as maybe he has changed his mind about you..

    • I simply told you that maybe he has changed his mind and does like you, but deep down will not say anything right now, until he is ready..

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  • I would let him know how you feel. Think about it this way, you already persued him once, he may be waiting for you to do it again, humans are creatures of patterns.

    Everything points to him liking you, a lot. I would think he's waiting for you to say something, because maybe he feels bad about rejecting you earlier. It's very possible he thinks you're over him, so he says nothing, but actions say a lot.

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking. But, damn fear gets in the way, if I put myself out there again, and I'm taking his sign wrong like isn't it possible that he could like me as a friend only, and the same signs he's showing could be taken as friendly? I mean would he even take into consideration that he rejected me and it's possible I don't know he wants me or can't he see why I'm hesitant... Ugh as a guy would u want the girl u rejected to approach u again?

    • And when u say feel bad, like how. Him seeming interested now is a sympathy thing, u mean feel bad that way?

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  • I would not pursue him. You put yourself out there and he wasn't interested. The ball is in his court. He knows he could be with you if he had the chance. If he wanted to be with you he'd bring it up and pursue you

    He just doesn't like you in that way if he's not doing that.

    • Yeah, I feel that way too. But what if he's shy to do the approaching assuming I would reject him, cause of him rejecting me originally. I don't know but I still do like him. But u make valid points thanks girl!

    • Sorry, but I don't think he'd be too shy to do the approaching. He's already got confirmation that you are really into him, so there would be no fear of rejection. you can watch his behavior to see if he is building up to ask u out in the future, but as of right now he hasn't done anything yet. If he is interested he'll do something about it

    • Nice.. point taken. So pretty much ignore things, Ur saying without real confirmation which will be verbal, that there's no chance he's interested hmmm, ok fair. But I was under the impression shy guys operates differently. And to pay more attention to his actions rather than his words. But point taken.