when a guy asks you out over text and then doesn't reply back?

Last night this guy asked me out and we are like really good friends, anyways he said will you go out with me and i was so confused to why he would say this so i sent questions marks to him like this? and he still hasn't replied. it is now the next morning and i am sitting here wondering if it is all a big joke he is playing with his friends. please help im in desperate needs! thanks x :)


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  • he probably doesn't know what to say.


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  • He could have taken your question marks wrong by thinking that you were confused in a weirded out way, instead of a legitimately confused way, and is now embarrassed.

    Since you guys are really good friends, I kind of doubt that he was joking; if he was, that'd be pretty dick-ish of him.

    But then again, you never know -- maybe one of his friends stole his phone and said that. Although if that were the case, he probably would have texted you back by now to explain the situation.

    I would just text him and again, and be like, "Were you being serious?" or something.

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