Help! I've been seeing a guy for 5 weeks and he's all of the sudden started to ignore me?

ok long story short I had a boyfriend of 1.5 years who I've been wanting to break up with for months but ashe was going through some serious career stress and I couldn't bring myself to break up with him while he was depressed and down so I was waiting for 'the right time' I met this other guy who I had an instant connection with. I told him I was single even though I wasn't (I know that was wrong and im not proud of it ) About 5 weeks ago we started dating. After a couple of weeks I told him I still had a boyfriend but that I was waiting for the right time to break up with him.. he was understanding and said he'd wait for me to break up with him as he understood the situation

2 days later I broke up with my boyfriend. cheating was killing me and if felt too guilty. I didn't break up with him for the other guy I guess it just gave me the push to do it sooner. so its been 5 weeks weve been dating he's been great sends me good morning txts every day... calls me all the time makes plans to see me makes a lot of effort and talks about the future with me and how he'd like to make it work. Thursday night we went and saw a movie had a good night he called me afterwards telling me how much he loves being with me and we made plans to hang out Sunday (today). I didn't hear from him Friday morning, no good morning text I called him in the afternoon we spoke briefly he said he didn't get any sleep his ex called and they were talking for hours.. he said he didn't feel a connection with her but that it was good talking to her as it was closure for her. Friday night he was going out for a friends bday I text him that night saying I missed him and hope he was enjoying his night and I didn't get a response. last night I sent him a text asking if we were still on for today and I haven't heard back.. I can see he went clubbing lastnight from Facebook . Im a little confused as to why he's ignoring me your thoughts would be appreciated


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  • I think the way he is acting is very weird. I hope he didn't hook back up with his ex. And hoepfully he wasn't using you as a rebound. That could be a possibility and I didn't want to think that. Also Maybe he might be feeling that is being suffacted and needs space for himself. Sometimes guys get weird like that where they need space to hang out and do other thigns. But in all fairness he did promise to hang out for the weekend. If he did go clubbing hopefully he didn't hook up with another girl.

    I do think it's werid how you guys were talking and texting each other everyday up until now he is acting cold and distant. I think another girl is in the picture. Well I do hope eventually he tells you what is going on and is honest. He was honest about talking to his ex. I hope he tells you he went clubbing.

    • Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it. I think I'm just going to write him off.. We've slept together so it's not like I'm some random girl I think I deserve at least a response not someone who feels he can contact me everyday then all the sudden not respond to texts.

      Thanks again

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    • Yeah it's ok I guess.. I can't get too angry.. In a way part of me can't help but feel it's Karma I cheated on my ex with him so I can't help but feel it's the universe trying to teach me a lesson haha I guess in some twisted way that makes me suck it up and smile

      Thanks again for you advice

    • Your very welcome for the advice. Well im very glad that you are ok. Yes karma may happen sometimes. Don't be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. And don't fault yourself with the ex thing. It's hard to break up with anybody without looking like the bad guy. :( Sometimes it's hard to find that chemistry and connection. You will find somebody else. :)

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