After obtaining a phone number... How long should I wait to text / call.?

I'm texting first to get to know the person then once I'm comfortable with them I will give them a call. But how long do you guys usually wait? May sound pathetic but i'm new to this kind of stuff lmfao I'm shy. people have had crushes on me before but never paid them much attention. I flirt but never wanted a relationship. Now i'm at the age where I am looking for a S/O... this single life is getting boring...


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  • Don't go based off a certain number of days or hours. Do it when you are ready and comfortable. Keep in mind that you will be nervous, so, the comfortable will be mixed with nervousness. Obviously don't get the phone number (if in person) and then leave and 10 minutes later call/text. But if you're ready later that night or the next day. Feel free to give it a try.


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  • I'd be skeptical on a girl who flirts but never wants a relationship,, actually I wouldn't even bother with a girl with that attitude. if you really want a guy than you should text/call/contact him ASAP


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