Met a guy on an online dating webite. Is he interested in me as more than a friend?

He said I could friend him on Facebook . I gave him my number. He texted me the next day and sent me a picture of himself. So I sent one of me. He said I'm cute, and we have talked a little. Where do I go from here? Should I wait for him to make contact again? How can I tell how interested he is?


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  • Wait for a bit and if he doesn't say anything start up a conversation with him.

    He is interested in you if he asks you about stuff you like. And if he gives you compliments/flirts with you then he likes you.

  • if you dont have any desire for having a guy in your life than no one can help you, no one is going to tell you how to love or desire a guy or what to do, if you like a guy you need to tell him how you feel and not make the guy do everything

    • forgot to add: the only way you'll know if a guy likes you is my asking him and/or he shows affection for you

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    • He lives a couple of hours away. We haven't met in person and I'm too shy to bring it up.

    • dont worry about "coming on too strong" or whatever cause guys dont think like girls do.. guys want girls to make moves no matter what, and who gives a damn about how long you haven't been with a guy, you dont need experience you just need the desire, its that simple and its ok to be shy but you have to open up eventually guys are not going to make you do that . hope this helps

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