Just wondering why is it so different between guys hitting girls and girls hitting guys?

I mean if I'm at a party and a girl slaps a guy then everyone is like I wonder what he did wrong? But if a guy ever slapped a girl or even touched her the every guy in the room would get up to beat him up. Just wondering what do you think the reason is for this?



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  • Because girls are more fragile then women. A strong guy could hurt a women with a single punch and I have been slapped by women multiple times and just laughed it off. I would never hot a women. I don't where y'all are from and who taught everyone that they could hit girls any time they want. I have never met one guy that would hit a girl even if she hit him first.

    • I meant to say men

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    • Yeah I'm from Charleston but now I live in NC now for collage but yeah. I don't one guy that would ever hit a girl. and haha yeah that's how it is with most girls if they hit u it doesn't even hurt and if it does we just suck it up.

    • Yeah i'm from the south too and most guys would never hit a girl. Even if she hit him first.

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  • It's just a sexist attitude. Most people think that women are morally superior to men, so if she hits a man, there must be a good reason for it, whereas if he hits a girl, he's just a bully. Plus the fact that we're generally bigger and stronger means that people think we can't get hurt the way women do, so if we report it we're often not taken seriously, if we hit her back we'll be attacked by other men, all that's left for a guy to do if he doesn't want to risk that is to stand there and take it, which often just leads to the violence escalating as time goes on - it's pretty sad really.

    And no, men don't commit more domestic violence, here are a couple of links. The first one is a link to a summary of statistics from the largest DV database in the world, based on around 1700 studies, and the second one is a bibliography of 286 scholarly investigations, which show that DV is roughly equal between the genders.



  • It's thought that most girls are not as strong as guys. So guys should keep their hands away from attacking women. But I think it's not fair for a women to have rights to hit a guy while he can't do anything about it. It's just not fair. Every person has right to self-defense. If someone attacks you, you have the right to fight back.

  • Because girls are much more fragile then guys and can be hurt much more easily. If a girl is going to hit a guy i dont believe in the whole self defense thing unless she has a weapon or she's like a black belt and you know she's going to kick your ass haha otherwise the guy should just take it or dodge the hit. Also men have much greater pain tolerance.

  • society has programmed all of us to always see chicks as weak victims that need to be rescued. thats all

  • cause msot owman seem to want equal rights in every way but the way that doesn't work for them. like the whole marriage thing. the man doesn't get 50 percent of her stuff no she gets hsi stuff. totally equal right?

    • I dont get what your saying women don't take men's stuff.

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    • Yeah my parents are divorced and my dad gave my mom the house and moved in 3 blocks down the road. But I guess in that case my dad had air of money so he didn't mind. He also did have a say In what we did and even though I lived with my mom my dads house was do close lol I saw him like everyday.

    • thats good im happy for you. iny my case and others i have seen the dad wanted custody of the children but the courts refused for no reason almsot laways from what I've seen siding with the woman. and in these cases its almsot always cause the woman is spiteful now if she isn't spiteful the entire situations is completly different.

  • It's a double standard that exists because most girls are hypocrites.

    • What Jager66 said below-right is correct. Women assault men at least as often as the reverse in cases of domestic violence. It is just reported far less frequently and it's viewed as more acceptable for women to assault men.

      It's true that men are stronger and can cause more harm but women can do a lot of harm with a closed fist or when wielding an object, which is often the case.

      Women hitting men should be no more acceptable than the reverse, but that's not the case now.

  • It's a mixture of traditionalism and feminism. The traditionalism says that men ought to be strong and put up with their troubles. Feminism says that men oppress women and therefore implies, or even explicitly states, that female-on-male violence is acceptable.

    First, you have the hurdle of even recognizing that female-on-male violence is violence. Second, you have the hurdle of recognizing that a victim, even he is male, should not put up with it.

    It's a big problem. I did a poll on GAG. Over 50% of women, and none of the men, said that they had physically attacked the opposite sex before. None of the female yes-voters who commented even recognized that they had done anything wrong. A study by the CDC on violent heterosexual relationships in the USA found that 70% of victims were male: ajph.aphapublications.org/.../AJPH.2005.079020

    This attitude leads to the problem that women basically don't fear the legal consequences of physically attacking men, unless it's so extreme that it requires an ambulance. I don't want to slap or punch a woman, but, if I did want to, I still wouldn't, because I fear the legal consequences. Does a woman fear being arrested if she slaps a man? Unless it's a police officer or in the presence of one, probably not.

    If men who are abused by women do the brave and right thing and start reporting the perpretators to the police, the culture will start to change. That will cause women who want to break the law to fear doing so. A law is worthless unless people fear it.

  • because guys are hated in this world, and girls are loved

  • because people still clings to the notion that women are the 'weaker' sex and thus if they hit a man then they should just take it 'like a man'


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  • The social rules are the reason. We think the girls should not be hit, but who cares if a girl hits a guy. Which contradicts a bit of how girls want to be treated equal like guys in almost every way unless like hitting which does not play in their favour is not okay. I am not saying it's okay to go hitting girls but don't think you can hit a guy because you are a girl, the law still applies to you too. This wouldn't even be a problem if people didn't resort to physical violence when upset or mad. One should clam down and talk rationally instead.

  • Hitting a girl goes against the male ideal of chivalry so it's less socially accepted. Plus more domestic violence is committed by men. But it's not OK for anybody to hit anybody, it's immature.

    • More domestic violence is not committed by men, in fact it's about equal with a slant towards women being abusive more often.

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    • @AdamThomas I study criminology at university and I can garuntee you this crime is not represented equally in both genders. This is an issue where unfortunately
      Men are the offenders more often then not. Yes women can be the offenders as well it's just not as often. I don't see why it's a competition, some crimes are just like that for example men are more likely to get into fights on nights out etc. it's better to address the issue and solve it rather then viewing it as a competition between genders!

    • @Emms12 you're right it's not a competition. It's an issue of truth vs. lies and the truth is that DV IS NOT slanted towards 1 gender, it is about equal between men and women. That is the truth.

      There is a HUUUGE amount of Feminist lies and manipulation around DV laws, info and policy, especially in education!

      Until we can bring the truth out into the light of day we will never be able to fix the problem, which is the goal, so we fight for truth and in doing so we will be able to one day fix the problems.

  • Where I live from the beginning you are taught that a boy can NEVER hit a girl (for real, obviously playing is different)

    • and how do you feel about that?

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    • So when a woman hits a man he should just 'take it like a man?'

    • Pretty much, yeah. Guys can handle more than girls can.

  • in my opinion If a girl hits a guy she should expect to get one in return.