Scared to approach women. You're help would be appreciated?

I'm at this club aand there are a lot of women here but I'm very scared and shy to approach one. . Any suggestions?


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  • Drink some more alcohol until you get the courage jk lol umm my advice is just be yourself and I agree it is very scary to approach somebody but remember if you don't you'll remain single lol unless a courageous girl talks to you. My one friend asked out like all the girls he knew lol he eventually got a girlfriend but he went through hella rejection. You might get rejected or you might land yourself a hottie but you will never ever know until you try. Being a buddy along who also wants to find girls and go on a man hunt together it may encourage you and you both may get chicks :)

    • Just know that girls are as equally afraid or maybe even more afraid to approach guys so they don't they wait abd feel alone sometimes why not break the cycle and make a move? Lol

    • Buddy flaked on me

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