I dont know how to express what i am feeling.?

I started dating this awesome guy, we have been on 5 dates, he is so nice and smart and funny and we clicked right away, and we have so much fun togehter, and i know i like him. But likeing him is the problem here. He did tell me on Valentine's day that he likes me, probably meaning he likes spending time with me.

Last time i was in love with a guy he basically knew how to control me, he pushed and pulled and i held on for so long, and i lost a piece of me. I have finally managed to get over him after liking him for 4 years. Now I've met this guy and im so scared of losing myself, i have goals and ambitions and i dont want any distractions.
He doesn't live in my town so i see him only when he comes for work, and im already obsessed, why hasn't he texted, called, written me... i can't do this again.

I like him so much but this week i began distancing myself, i already asked him if he wants to meet me when he is back in town and he said yes, i do want to, im staying a bit longer so we can meet. I analyzed that little saying of his for days, "does he want to meet me, does it mean he likes me, or is he saying it to be nice" .. im going nuts.. im being insecure and probably needy in my head and i hate it.


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  • If he says he wants to meet you, he wants to meet you. I can't help you not be insecure. that is a path you have to walk alone. Have you considered therapy?

    • haha im not that extreme, :p but i think like what you said, he wouldn't have said yes if he didn't mean it? he can easily just say no

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    • very true, he also told me the date to

    • So relax, stop over thinking.

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