A kind of sort of weird first blind date and I wanna know, did he like me?

So I started talking to this guy from a dating site and we'd been talking for about 2 weeks almost everyday via messaging. Most of the time we'd make jokes and just good around. We decided to meet up last Friday . I was a bit nervous at the idea of my first "blind date". We were comfortable enough to just hang out at his place for the night instead of going to a bar or whatever.. We had a few beers, listened to music and talked for hours. He told me that he thought I was a lot prettier in person and he would say stuff like " you're really cute" or "you're a really cool girl" at random moments. He then got closer to me and we kissed it eventually got to making out. He said I was a good kisser and I felt like we both really wanted to have sex together but he was a really gentleman and didn't get too Pervy on me. We both agreed on the fact that we'd never had dates like this before, felt like we knew one another and were completely comfortable. At a certain moment he stopped and said " wow, this is really intense" .. i then said "in a moment like this, i wished id known you longer" we also cuddled a bit and he told me that he thought "this is really nice"... after a great night we both didn't feel the time passing it had gotten late. I wanted to take a cab cause I didn't want to bother him but he said there was no way he'd let me take a cab so he drove me back home we laughed all the way and he kissed me goodnight and then reached out for another kiss. Also, he said " I hope we can hang out again sometime" and stuff referring to a second date... He hasn't contacted me yet and Im not too into the whole "dating rule" crap.. Did he like me? What should I do now?

He's 29 just saying :)


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  • Did he like you? Yes he did.
    So basically it's been 1 day since the date? Not a big deal in my opinion.
    Wait and see if he contacts you tonight. If not contact him tomorrow. Say something like "I had a really great time the other night. I'd really like to see you again. any chance we could get together this week?

    Then take it from there and go with the flow.



What Girls Said 1

  • Yes he liked you. Although, the next date shouldn't be at his apartment in my opinion. YOU might not be into "dating rules" so to speak, HOWEVER... that does NOT mean the other person isn't. Meaning, watch how you portray yourself. First dates at someone's apt sometimes make them think," This is going to be an easy lay". And for right now, you can't really argue that this isn't the case because you don't really KNOW this man just yet. im just saying. But good luck:)

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