Why do so many younger men like me? Is it the way I act?

All my life I've had younger men chase after me and like me. There were only a couple of times when I dated boys my age or two years older, never anyone 4 years or older.

My first boyfriend was 3 years younger and this guy I'm going out with now is 6 years younger. Many more in between, ranging from 4 years younger to even 8 years younger.

Why is this happening? I know I look way younger than my age but is that the only reason? Or is it because I seem immature to older men so they don't want to date me?

Some help please?


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  • be happy.. age is just a number... as long as guys make u feel special and treat you with respect. dont be bothered. you must be special...
    i am chasing a girl 2 years older than me... she rejected me since i am younger (maybe she used it as an excuse) lets see... be happy forget his age and see them as a guy who likes u and evaluate

    • I wish you all the luck with that girl! I do like some of these younger guys but I'm just wondering why this is happening, and since I'm at the age where younger guys are still in school while I'm graduating, it will be awkward for us to date (different stage in life and all..)

    • dont feel awkward... as long as u bth feel right. dont bother about society... u spk jus like the girl i chase :) pls accept or go for the guy.,,, dont make tht guy to feel like me (SAD) :)

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