How to ask if the relationship is serious?

I don't really know where my relationship is going. I feel like we jumped into physical stuff too quickly before getting to know each other much. It took us around 5 weeks to have a sexual intercourse, and since he never tells us how he feels about me, I feel insecure about this relationship. I'm afraid of him thinking of me as a friend with benefit. How should I bring this up? Do I just straightforward ask "so... where do we stand?" or should I ask if he loves me or something? Please help me out!


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  • I don't see anything wrong with having a talk about where you stand. It worries me a bit that he hasn't brought up his feelings on his own, so there's a chance he may see it as a physical only relationship right now. However, he could just be hiding it the way you are right now. There's no way to tell without talking about it, so just casually bring up where you stand the next time you're together. Be honest. Tell him a friends with benefits isn't your thing if he makes it seem as if that's where his head is at.

    I know it's cheesy, but communication is everything if you're going to have a relationship. If you can't do that with him, it's not the right guy.

  • Don't ask him if he loves you. It's fine to ask him "where do we stand" and it sounds like it would be healthy to ask that.