Guys, have you dated a girl only for her looks?

My friend is dating this girl and she embodies more than a few things that have always annoyed him. She doesn't share his passions in life. In fact, she's very uninterested in them. He ranted to me about her a few times mentioning her lack of intelligence. I've heard her say things that I was surprised he let slip by. And there are things about her personality that drive him crazy. What she has going for her is that she's fun to hang out with and he finds her attractive enough. But that's as deep as I can see it goes. I'm wondering if you've ever dated someone you felt this way with? Why?

This also applies to my cousin too. He's in the same sort of relationship. I can tell it annoys him, but he stays with her. He flew halfway around the world for her. I don't understand it.
Oh, and I haven't dated my cousin. It's a similar situation and I would like him to be with someone that won't end in heartbreak or his dissatisfaction.


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  • Maybe because he wants to make you jealous?

    On another note, you said she's fun to be around. It's possible that she's brings out a different side of him (maybe one that is more willing to let things go and to just have fun.) It can also be that the things that drive him crazy are exactly what attracts him.

    I said first that maybe he wants to make you jealous. A few questions.

    1. Before her, has he dated before? If not, then he may have felt that he had too high standards and lowered them.

    2. It's possible that he wanted to be with someone else, but they weren't available, so now he's with he until the other person becomes available. (Since they don't mesh well, he can break up with her easily enough.) This may not be a conscious decision.

    3. How old is he? How old is she? Maybe at this stage he wants to settle down, and so does she?

    4. Yes, it's possible that he is just with her because she is 'fun' and attractive. And by fun I mean in the overnight way. Maybe at his age most women want a relationship, and he doesn't? (And she doesn't either?)

    And last. This has bothered you enough that you posted on this forum about this. Are you jealous? It's not like she's a bad person. She's fun, as you said, so why worry about if he's with her?

    • 1. Not a lot and it had been awhile. He'd been reject a few times recently before meeting her. It was a bit out of desperation too.

      2. I would be the other person. He dated her after us. He did break up with her, but wanted to give her another chance.

      3. They're early 20s. He doesn't want to settle down for quite awhile. I'm not so sure about her.

      4. They act like it's a relationship. He says he likes her, but I can't see why besides being attractive, willing, and fun.

    • I am envious. She's not a bad person, but I feel like he deserves better. He at least deserves someone who takes an interest in him. Maybe it is what he wants right now, but I'd hate to see him hurt in the long run. I'm not saying I'm the right person. I'd like to be if he wants me to be, but I could live with him being with someone else who is more compatible.

    • Well, it sounds like in this guys case that he is with her because he feels that there isn't anyone else to be with.

      And she's attractive and fun, so she isn't that bad really.

      Also, a lot can be said about being with someone who wants to be with you.

      You said they broke up and he's giving her another chance. So did she want to get back together? That means she does care for him (or his attention at any rate.)

      She's young, and may become better as she matures.

  • Who doesn't?

    • But why when there are other girls that are attractive and fun, but also don't annoy you as much and have more common interests?

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    • I wasn't going to. I agree that physically attraction plays a big role. I was just curious why a guy would choose to continue the relationship when it obviously bothers him. But you've already answered that and I appreciate it.

    • What the f*** is the world coming to?

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