Got drunk and acted like an idiot in front of him...?

So I've been 'dating' this guy for about 9 months, and we he has been hanging out with me and my friends a couple of times. Me and him have gotten durnk together - and both acted like fools - and it was fun. However the next time i saw him, i was drinking and he was sober. Im kind of embarrassed of over acting and trying to show off in front of him. I was being really loud and annoying! any way i can fix this dumb image he might have of me :-( ?


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  • Honestly. I think you're worrying about nothing. You and him have been in this situation together before - so it's not going to come as breaking news to him that you like a drink or 10 sometimes. I honestly don't think it'll be a problem at all.

    If it will ease your worries send him a text or something apologising (in a relaxed and light way) - the key would be to keep it light. If he's stuck around for so long I'm pretty sure that isn't going to be something to turn him off. You're worrying over nothing.

    Honestly most guys I know in this situation actually kind of like it at some point. Him being the sober one, taking care of you. I mean, expect some gentle ribbing from him - but mostly, he'll be completely fine if a little amused.

    • thanks! i guess the way acted was so bitchy and just trying to be cool in front of him and my friends - the things i was talking about and just being very opinionated…. i hate myself for acting that way after a few wines!

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  • Yes. Chill with the drinks. And tell him how shitty you felt that time and that you hope its all cool.

    • Make a statement rather than asking a question. That way its definitive and he won't feel forced to answer

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    • yeah thats true, maybe ill wait till i see him next…and just laugh about it.. :-) and no more drinking in front of him unless he is too lol...

    • I see the comments of not mentioning it. But if its bothering you personally Id say its just easier to put yourself out there.

      Hope everything works out, dont stress it :)

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  • You know the old saying {live & learn}. You did just that so put it behind you.

  • Just forget about it everyone makes mistakes just show him that isn't how you usually act :)

    • thanks, hopefully i can see him soon so i can act like a normal human being , lol. just been on my mind and I'm hoping i haven't turned him off

    • You've been dating 9 months so I'm sure something this small won't turn him off. Good luck with it and I'd cut back on the drinking ;) haha

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