Do shy guys avoid phone conversations in the beginning stages of dating?

I have hung out with this very shy guy a few times one on one and he is EXTREMELY shy. He has never had a girlfriend so he seems inexperienced on what to do. We have made out 3 times but he always seems so nervous around me.

I tried calling him the one night and he didn't answer. The next day we were texting and he made an excuse as to why he couldn't talk on the phone. My take on it is the idea of a phone call is giving him anxiety.

What is so scary about a phone call? I am a bit shy too but I've always found it easy to talk on the phone. What is going through his head that makes this so scary to talk to me on the phone? I would think it would be easier to talk via phone versus in person. He seems nervous even in person. This is so frustrating!


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  • I am shy too but talking on the phone was never frightening I just hate being on the phone. I know girls love to talk on the phone but I can't stand it. I want a five minute conversation tops anything longer than that should be in person. You could just ask him and see what he says. I can't imagine too many other guys enjoying being on the phone either lol.


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