Having trouble with online dating?

I have a fear of approaching women I like so I joined online dating, for some reason the women online don't respond to my messages nor do they even view my profile. . I'd appreciate your help


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  • Online dating can be fun and I am sure you will enjoy, just give it some time. Are you pictures clear? How many do you have posted? Are you showing that you are an exciting person a long with the traits of your personality and interests. Make sure you don't have a dry approach or something that everyone says, "how are you".. Try something witty, but not offensive in anyway. Show that you are a fun person.

    • I'm not witty.. I talk to people online like i would in person

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  • Online dating is a losing game for guys. At a bar, for example, maybe 10 guys out of the 200 in the bar would approach a single woman. Online you can have hundreds of guys after that same woman. Therefore, she's only going to respond to the smallest percentage of guys, and also gets an inflated sense of her desirability.

    You're much better off getting over your fear of approaching women.

    • Thanks. . appreciate it

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    • Pretty much everyone.

    • Not really. I have friends who are overweight and they have attractive girlfriends