Is the pulling away from me? What can I do?

I have been on a date with a guy, we have been on 5 great dates, he has spendt the night at my place 3 times, he doesn't live in my town so we meet usually whenever he is here for work.

Last date was on Valentine's day and things were so great, after sex he told me he liked me , and next day he said he had a great time.
After that date he has distanced himself from me i feel. He replies well when i contact him and we talk like before but he doesn't contact me like he used to, he doesn't snap me good mornings or i dont know how to really explain it.

On the other side, he does like my Facebook pictures, he commented one here the other day but we dont talk as much as before. He also said yes to meet me next time he is in town and told me the date and said he is staying longer so we can meet.

Am i over analyzing this or what? i mean i miss hearing from him often like before. He got out of a 6 year long relationship last year and he has applied school in the states, (we live in Europe ) and if he gets in he will move, the results will come in, in mars so maybe i should not invest much time in this? but we click so well..

what to do?


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  • First, i think you are over analyzing it, but you do have a right to be concerned, so don't feel bad. second, if its meant to last, y'all will persevere. I'm christian, so if god wills it, it will be so.

    • i know so am i but i guess i miss him... and i dont want to be the one contacting him all the time :(

    • if it makes you feel any better, with my boyfriend i always have to initiate the conversation and move on to a new topic. he loves me and i him, so it works out.

    • I think I'll wait until he contacts me.. I don't want to run after a guy and he said yes to meet so I have to trust him