Should I text my ex-close friend (a girl) who broke up with me after I confessed my love for her?

Long story short, I am in love with this girl whom I came close in my summer semester. We hanged out a lot and knew a lot about each other and we had a lot of similarities. Well, I also wanted to know how she felt about me so I checked whether she gets jealous if I said I like someone else so I showed her a pic of a girl I know through my cousins and lied that I like her. The first thing she said was-that girl's a slut. That came out so strange but I was positive about her feelings for me after that coz she came out as possesive and told me not to ask her out. I calmed her down and then brought that topic about that girl like once once after that. Anyways, I waited for like a month after that coz our exams were over and I didn't see her after that. So, I decided to just tell her how I feel about her before its too late coz she's leaving university this year in April . So, I did that and got rejected but the sad part was she didn't wanted to be friends anymore. She neglected me from there everytime she saw me. I also never bothered her by approaching her and it's been 6 months now and I miss her so much. Recently she kinda gave me a positive sign as we saw each other at some place and she saw me and smiled at me. Note:It happened pretty quick before I can even realize it was her co I wasn't expecting her there although I was thinking about her all the time. So yeah I smiled back at her but I didn't approach her. She left from there after a while and I haven't seen her since that night. SO what should I do coz I want to meet her in person and talk to her about how much I missed her and how's she doing but got no chance yet. One of my friends told me to text her and see if she replies. I already did that once before the smiling incident happened on her birthday but 2 months back but got no reply. But everything since that night makes me think that something might have changed her or her mind so what should I do? I am really confused and it hurts missing her everyday.


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  • go ahead and text her again. what do you got to lose?

    • What should I say? lol I mean just Hey and how are you and then send my name with it? And if she replies positive like hey then should I ask her to meet me if she can or not?

    • I finally did and to my surprise she replied:)

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  • unfortunately it seems she is not interested. a text doesn't hurt but if she doesn't respond this time delete her number and never speak to her again