When a girl becomes distant is it best to back off and become distant too or will that just create a situation where nothing will happen?

This girl and I hit it off really well. We have a ton in common and being together is just effortless. From the beginning she asked me for my number and always initiated convos.. Always using winking faces and what not. This all stopped a couple weeks ago. We hung out a couple weekends ago and it went really well and texted back and forth the day after. Then her texting went dry so I started initiated and she would give me one word answers. People who know us say we are perfect for each other and these same people said that she seems down ever since I started acting distant towards her. I've been told that I'm brought up by her a lot when I'm not around. I've also been told by somebody that knows both of us that she's mine if i want her. That's good and all but her behaviour is telling me the opposite. Should I continue being distant towards her? I'm not ignoring her, I'm just not going out of my way to contact her.


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  • She might be "playing it cool" incorrectly. Personally, I'm not a big texter and might give one, two word replies especially if I felt like I'd been talking too much recently. For the most part girls want a guy to meet them half way. Just because they can start up the conversation doesn't mean they want to be the one to HAVE to do it. Being distant will probably be interpreted as "he can't make the effort, I was the only one who was reaching out." She might think your lack of communicating is in line with your being able to "take it or leave it." If you have fun, great. Text her. More than five words. No need to be super chatty but make it long enough to show you want a response past "sup".


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