Would you date a woman who cheats?

would you be in a relationship with a woman who would want to be with you and yet cheat on you with her ex? like on occasions or would you brake up instantly , my gf wants this I caught her doing this I told her it's either me with no contact with him she blamed me for being a controlling partner and we broke up.

  • I would be in a relation i have no problem with her having sex with her ex
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  • i would refuse by any means this kind of relation.
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  • That sounds like a janky relationship. Sounds like you get to put in all the effort and he just gets the good stuff. Doesn't add up. Good for you for ending it.

    • I made some math she is going to suck me dry and then later don't be there for me better to leave

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  • I'm a girl so I can't answer but saying your controlling is bullshit. If she wanted an open relationship, she should have asked you first. She obviously know she was in the wrong.

  • If it was a guy that cheats i wouldn't give him the light of day. I'm not going to set myself to get hurt.


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