Should I try to date this guy or not for fear of being the rebound?

I met this guy that I like through a friend. He added me on Facebook and we chatted for about a week in January. Then I heard nothing from him for about a month until the other day I get a message asking how I've been. We chatted and he apologized for falling out of contact because he had just recently gotten out of a relationship and had to take a month to himself to figure things out. He says he is ready to date again. I have a date set with him to get coffee over our spring break (we are both in college) should i give him a chance or pass on it since I'm afraid I'll be the rebound.


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  • well, if he says he is ready to date again i don't think you have worry about being a rebound, but i'm not exactly an expert on those. i haven't seen them fail/work and i haven't experienced one myself. i think you should go for it

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