Being with a hot girl, how does it feel?

So I hv never properly been with any hot girls, I think I am kinda scared of them and repress myself to go near them

But there have been a few times when I had flirted a bit with a few and knowing they also feel interested in me, I felt almost euphoric. Like I can't believe girls this hot would feel interested in me

But anyhow since I ain't confident enough it never went anywhere and I'm just curious, for guys who have been, is the experience of having a hot girl being with you exhilarating? Like winning a big pot of money or driving a fast car?


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  • Ah it depends some are hot and know it and love the attention, and they become vain self righteous pains in your ass,

  • Some girls look hot but are (and remain) cold as fish, just flirt to get attention.
    Others look plain but are very hot when you have their love.

    I met both kinds.